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Flipkart is an online shopping haven where you can get hold of a range of products. You can shop on variety of products like personal care products, home appliances, books, latest electronic gadgets etc. The online store has the distinction of being different from several other websites as it offers discounted rates and the best quality products of leading brands. The extensive range products in reasonable prizes have made this online store popular.

The interface that Flipkart uses is very simple. The user interface of this website permits you to download quickly and also provides its ‘lite’ version that can address the issues of slower speed. The simple interface of Flipkart is appealing. There are various schemes that are offered by the website like cash on delivery service and payment in installments etc. These offers are tend to tempt the Indian consumers to make purchase. Moreover, Flipkart also has a trustworthy and easy to use payment gateway: Axis bank payment gateway.

Consumers can get here a wide variety of books. There is a huge collection of books that are available here. Flipkart is also known fast deliveries. The website has a customer centric approach and therefore it is ahead of its several competitors. Queries of the customers get answered any time of the day and the website has an active occurrence in several social networks. To shop on Flipkart, consumers have to follow these steps.

First of all, login to www.flipcart.com. The consumers would find a sidebar of several categories on the top of the web page from which they can choose the item they want to purchase. The category has to chosen first before selecting the product. When they get the list of the items displayed, they can click on the item they need. If the item does not get displayed then they search for it. Once you get the items displayed, you can begin your shopping. Clicking on the orange button which reads buy this now will open shopping cart window. Here, the consumers get everything like items that he has ordered, prices and also their quantity. Just in case if you want to order more quantities then you have to click on change and have to enter the quantity that you need.

Similarly, if consumers need to purchase another product also then you have to click on close and continue shopping which is found at the bottom of the shopping cart. If you get hold of coupons and coupons codes of Flipkart, you would indeed be delighted as you would get discount that ranges from 5% to 25%. If the consumer uses these discount coupons codes and coupons then they get discount of 20% on all books. Consumers get average of $55 with these FlipKart.com Coupons and coupons codes. Also if the shopping cart of the consumers contains three books each of 100 Rs and having discounts of fifteen twelve and seven percentages then with Flipkart coupon codes they just have to pay Rs 240 instead of paying Rs 266 which is the actual cost.

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