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Get Best Accommodation at Affordable Prices, Worldwide


Looking for a place to stay in New York or Paris? Many of you might be opting for hotels. Right! However hotels have high charges even for a single day stay.



Airbnb is an excellent online platform that meets to the requirement of those seeking accommodations for a short term period at affordable prices. Airbus lists thousands of accommodations including castles, tree hoses, igloos, private islands, private rooms, private apartments and such other properties across various parts of the world. So, whether the guest is from Australia, Paris, UK, USA, Switzerland, Europe, Asia, Malaysia, Africa, Russia or any other country, one has the option of selecting the most suitable accommodations from over 100000 listings at 19000 cities spanning across 192 countries.

Official Website

For enabling the users to search out the most suitable accommodation at affordable prices, Airbnb has developed a highly informative website It contains all comprehensive information including types of accommodations, cities, rental prices and everything you ever wanted to know about. One more thing is that it also lists the accommodations along with pictures and prices. So you don’t need go anywhere else to find the best accommodation. Its site was founded in 2007 and its initial address was but in 2009 it was shifted to its present status. Moreover, you can also connect with various social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. However, more services were also included in its offerings.

People Associated with It (inventors and the company who made it)

Though, Airbnb website was founded in the year of 2007 by Gebbia in San Francisco, United States but main idea of establishing a company was mooted by Y Combinator in the year of January 2009.  With demand picking up, many other services were included in its offerings. It included in its service list, splendid accommodations in apartments, independent properties as well as full houses. Since its inception, the company has been witnessing continuous growth trends through this year. The company now boasts of more than 700000 night accommodations (which is its 80% of it total business) booked through its site in just last six months.

Meet the Team

Nathan Blecharczyk (CTO and Co-Founder): Nathan deals with all technical aspects of the website. He believes in translating his visions into actions through tangible products. He does extensive research and collects data before going into the design of any specific offer or scheme.

Brian Chesky (Co-Founder): Brian is the lead man behind the vision of the company. To get the real experience of the accommodation services being offered by Airbnb, Brian himself lives in an accommodation offered by Airbnb community while staying aware from his own apartment.

Joe Gebbia: Joe is also one of the founding members of Airbnb. He is mainly involved in developing products which makes the guest feel highly respected and comfortable. Joe himself wishes to book one night at Pacific Palisades, CA at The Eames House No. 8.


  • Luxuries properties at affordable prices
  • Superior customer services
  • Anytime, anywhere booking
  • Booking through Mobile
  • Easy booking procedures at website
airbnb pros

airbnb pros


Amid various customer friendly services being offered at Airbnb, one thing is that server speed may be down on several occasions due to a large number of users hooking up to the site at the same time.


Easy to Use Website

That’s the biggest thing when you are going to search and book an accommodation  among thousands of properties. With easy to use features, you can search the accommodation by specifying your own criteria.

airbnb website

airbnb website

Private Messaging

Its website it equipped with the exceptional feature of getting users private messages. So, how do private messages help you? Well, you get to know everything about searching and booking without disclosing your identity.

Airbnb reservation system is designed in such a way that it allows the hosts to either accept or decline the guests thus, giving a full control over those who book a space.

Online Reviews

Reviews play a vital role in sharing experience of the guest at any property. These help the new guest to build strong relations with the customers. Customers post their real experience at their official website.

Strong Social Network

The website now has more than 50 million social connections from different parts of the world.

Safe and Secure Payment Systems

Airbnb has facilitated safe and secure payments systems applicable 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It holds the payment made to the hosts until the booking of accommodation has been confirmed by both the sides i.e. the guests and the hosts. So, until everything is confirmed, your payment is safe.

airbnb growth

airbnb growth

Listing with Photographs

Airbnb lists worldwide available accommodating properties along with the images of the original property. So, even before you land in your accommodating place, you have its experience through virtual tours. It displays verified and professional photographs on its website along with the property listings.

How it works/What they do

Whether you are guests seeking accommodations in any part of the world or the hosts who wish to earn some extra money by accommodating that vacant property, Airbnb works for both.

Guests can search among millions of accommodation by clicking the “Search” tab. It’s easy to search the property. At the home page, the users need to enter the name of the city and date on which they have to stay in that property. For example when “Paris” is entered in the search box more than 5700 results appear in the city itself. Those who wish to know more about the property can click on the link where they are routed to the pages where all details like bedrooms, rooms, amenities, photos, street map are well placed.

On the other hand, if you wish to list your property at the website you can fill the form by specifying the type of property.

When users visit the website they find the appropriate options of accommodation in the preferred city. They find the full details and book the same through online modes by paying through a number of modes like online banking, debit card or credit etc.


For Home Owners

Those willing to register their property at the website, can do so easily and they do not need to pay anything for that. However, when the property is reserved by the guest its collects 3% of each of the respected property towards the processing charges.

Pricing for Guests

Those who have booking accommodations through Airbnb in any part of the world are required to pay certain percentage ranging from 6-12% of total booking fee. Funds deposited by the guests are credited into the account of hosts directly.


Based on high ethical standards and superior customer services, Airbnb has its own identity among its peers. Yet there are many vacation rental companies which seem to be posing stiff competition to its creditability and market occupations. Some of its much-talked about rivals include

  • Holiday Rentals Worldwide
  • VRBO
  • KeysForRent
  • Escape Rentals among others.

How is it different from the Competitors?

There are many areas in which Airbnb has an edge vis-à-vis its peers. Pricing is the most vital deciding factor for the users. Airbnb has lower pricing structure for its user charges. For example, Airbnb charges only 6-12% of the total rental value however its competitors like Escape Rentals and Residenzo have the policy of charging 10-20% and 10-25% respectively.

Among other things which stand Airbnb apart from the rest, is accolades from reputed media publications like Wall Street Journal and The Daily Telegraph. New York Times has named it as the next-generation multi-billion dollar start-up ventures. All these awards and accolades have added value to its credibility.


You can find the most exciting and luxurious places to stay in any city of the world you like, more so at your own terms and affordable prices. You can choose the accommodation of your preference. By hiring a rental accommodation, you get to save money rather than spending that money for paying those hefty bills.

Ultimately if you are a home owner, you get the opportunity to earn extra money by renting out the vacant property. You get to meet people from different cultures of the world.

Conclusion (whether it is worth using their service or not)

Well, when you are looking for some extra money to earn out of your vacant property, Airbnb is the best place where you can list the property free of cost. Whether you have a single home, a condo, boat, garden, and lounge of whatever accommodating place you think would be suitable for inviting the guests. As guests from various parts of the world visit there are chances that your accommodation can be booked by the users. So, Airbnb is a highly recommended site for the property owners to make some extra money.

Return of Investment when Buying their Services

Dealing through Airbnb has the best return on investments for the guest as well as home owners. While homeowners make the money as per the type of their property, guests get to find the accommodation of their choice.

By choosing accommodation booking through Airbnb, you find the best return and peace of mind.

Coupons or Discounts (if any)

You can use Airbnb Coupon Code  to get discounts up to 50% on accommodation on any property. There are a number of coupons applicable for all types of booking offering the discounts ranging from 35% to 50% and more. You can check out various websites where these coupons are listed for promotion purposes. By using Airbnb Promotion Coupon 2012 you get to save up $50 and more. However to avail such benefits, the coupons should be used before they are expired.

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